Simple healthy breakfast

I don’t know about you but sometimes I discover or invent a certain food combination  and then I’m happy to eat it every day for a few days. Previously for example I created a sauce to have stir fried with mixed vegetables and bean sprouts. I think I had it for dinner every day for about a week.  I’m easily pleased aren’t I?  Mmm it’s making my mouth water at the thought.

Well my go-to food at the moment has to be my breakfast invention.  I’m guessing I probably haven’t technically invented it, perhaps someone has had it in the past.  In my opinion though, I personally don’t know anyone who has this to start their day so maybe it is  completely original.  Fruit can be substituted for your own preference, I know blackberries aren’t in season at the moment,)

So this is how to recreate my yummy breakfast:

  • Chop an apple into bite-sized chunks (I’ve got Braeburn apples at the moment, which  are deliciously crunchy with a sweet yet tart taste and a wonderful ‘appley’ flavour.)
  • Add a handful of sultanas and a handful of washed blackberries.
  • Spoon some gorgeous creamy Greek yoghurt over the top. (I’ve been experimenting with some really tasty varieties with different fruit compotes.  Actually one to try is Collective Dairy Russian fudge – it was really scrumptious )
  • Sprinkle with some granola or muesli. (I have discovered Jordan’s super nutty granola which has the benefits of hazelnuts, Brazil nuts and almonds and adds a wonderfully delicious texture.)
  • Eat and enjoy.IMG_1970

So there you have it, an easy to prepare, mouth watering, nutritious breakfast that is so so delicious. I guess you could also put it in a jar and take it with you as a snack. It is surprisingly filling actually and should keep you going until lunchtime,

Sorry if it looks like I’m blatantly advertising certain brands, I’m just saying what I like.

I hope you like it too.


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