A funny kind of day…

Yesterday was a funny day … perhaps you could call it a comedy of errors!

Imagine this as a silent movie!

I think the first thing that went wrong at work was one of the lovely chickens escaped! I was feeding them as I do every morning… quite often the warren chickens (my faves!!) are so excited to see me – actually scrap that, they are so excited to see their food – they all start clucking and try to force their way out the door to me as I’m trying to force my way in, they then launch a little campaign upon me and jump in my bucket of food and peck their way to oblivion in my little bucket of food. ANYWAY yesterday I opened the door to the Brahma chickens – lovely fluffy feathery BIG mahoosive chickens and one little big Madam decided to make a bid for freedom. So she ran out the door. Like Forest Gump. She ran and ran so I ran and ran, well no that’s not quite right – I kind of side stepped like a ninja and made a grab for her. Yes success!! But then she flapped her wings too quickly, squawked and made another run for it. Meanwhile the cockerel in her enclosure was going bonkers as if to say “Come back Mildred you crazy chicken it’s breakfast time,” whilst pacing up and down the enclosure n disbelief. He was probably thinking “hey lady cooooome baaaack and get ma woman back!”

Anyway after lots of tactical creeping around and encouragement and pleading I managed to get her back in her home! Phew!

The next thing that went wrong was getting bitten by a rabbit – my fault completely as I was grappling around blindly in the rabbit house trying to find the bowl and the poor bunny probably thought yay a five fingered carrot – MUNCH.

Following on from that I was carrying a HUGE bag of straw and nearly tripped over which would have resulted in straw flying everywhere then I popped into the office and the internet wouldn’t work…do you get my drift?

Oh yes and then when I got home I noticed a big fat rat scuttling across the garden and up the bird feeder – and Martin decided he wants to call it George. Sorry the rat has to go.

Anyway it was all ok, life consists of sunshine and raindrops – sometimes things don’t quite pan out how we hope… but that’s fine – tomorrow is another day!

I thought it all sounded quite funny so hope you enjoyed the read and thank YOU for reading 😊


  1. I read that in so many voices but it did make me smile! Sorry your day didn’t go to plan, but at least you got to see the funny side of it. Must admit I shuddered at the thought of the chickens escaping but imagine it would have been funny to watch from the sidelines lol! X


  2. I’m sorry your day didn’t go as planned but your story has made me giggle – glad you can see the funny side of it all, these days are sent to test us, but looks like you passed with flying colours xxx

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