What happens when you register for a rescue dog

Fate is a funny thing isn’t it? We completely had in our minds that we were never going to find a rescue dog and we had started looking at getting a puppy from a breeder, when you’ll never guess what happened (well actually you probably will!)

I got a phone call from a rescue last Monday evening asking if we were still looking for a dog! Talk about irony! I was totally not expecting the phone call so didn’t really take in much of what she was saying, well I did and I was listening but you know when someone starts talking to you about something and your mind had been on something else and it takes a few minutes to switch…or is that just me. Well anyway this lovely lady from the rescue started to tell me about a young dog who had been owned by some people who probably weren’t the most loving towards her, oh yes it’s a ‘her’ I forgot to mention that bit. So this little doggy had made her bid for freedom (my words not hers) and ended up being taken by the dog warden.

During my research and scouting around looking for a dog I recently found out that if a dog is seized by the dog warden and taken to the pound (or kennels) IN THIS COUNTRY they are put to sleep if they are not claimed within seven days. That is absolutely atrocious and actually makes me feel sick. Some of them are lucky and will be handed over to a rescue but not all of them. That’s devastating news isn’t it. So if you have a dog please make sure it has a microchip with up to date details.

So little pup was with the dog warden and in the kennels with a squillion other doggies. The warden managed to find out which group of people owned the dog and they wouldn’t pay the fee to get her back, although they said they wanted her back. The dog warden got her neutered and microchipped and then thankfully for her she was put into foster. Unfortunately the foster carers, although well meaning, had no experience of owning a springer spaniel so weren’t really quite sure how to deal with her. She was with them for a couple of weeks and then she was picked up by a spaniel rescue and taken into their care. This is where I got my phone call from on Monday night…

I asked the lady to send me over some photos, particularly as him indoors has some funny ideas about what he wants in a dog. His ideal is for a dog (boy) that looks (brown and white and handsome) and acts exactly the same as ours. That’s a pretty tall order and not really going to happen so think we need a bit of a reality check here. A few minutes later a couple of photos floated through cyberspace and arrived on my iPad. Well what I saw was a forlorn little black and white springer looking completely bewildered, unsurprisingly, and yet very cute. I had a little chat with Mr and he agreed that we should go and look at her so we arranged to do this Saturday morning. She said to bring our dog along so they could meet as well and we would go from there.

So roll on Saturday…

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