Viewing a rescue dog for adoption

My sleep this week has been pretty disturbed, my mind has been in turmoil thinking about Saturday. There are so many things to think about and so many things to consider. Will she like us? Will Duke like her? What will happen? Will the rescue people like us and think we are good enough for her? Nerves, nerves, nerves, anxiety, excitement, what a whirlwind. Added to that the fact that I am taking tablets for recently diagnosed hypothyroidism that I need blood tests for to see if they are the right level and actually, although I’ve been really tired this week, my sleep pattern has been pretty crap.

So the day arrived and the plan was to go and meet them at their house, with Duke, meet little Miss Sunraintea (just calling her that for ease as she’s a rescue and not ours yet) plus meet all the other dogs and then go for a walk over the field with them and see how they get on.

On the way there Mr Rambles said that he only wanted to get her if she ran straight up to us as soon as we walked in the room, wagging her tail. Oh great, no pressure then. I wouldn’t really expect a rescue dog to do this, especially as she won’t even know why we are going to the house, she won’t have a clue that she’s the reason we are there, bless her.

Fifteen minutes after leaving home, we arrived at the address and went to knock on the door. A couple of ladies answered the door and asked us to leave Duke in the car for a few minutes so we could go in and meet her on our own first. Walking into the house we were greeted by the sight of four springers, plus some people, one of them was a little cutie who was laying in a bed. (Haha one of the springers – not the people, I just read that back and it sounded wrong!!) We went in and I sat on the floor – in hindsight that was a bit of a weird thing to do in someone else’s house and I called little Miss over. Bless her little furry feet, she came straight over to me and lay down with her head on my lap, happy to let me stroke her. They said she doesn’t normally do that, she’s normally a bit mad bouncing around, so she must be on her best behaviour.

Anyway we went out into the garden, got Duke in from the car and let all the dogs play together, although he didn’t really play with her – but to give him credit he didn’t know he was supposed to!! Nor did she!! But on a positive note she was leapfrogging over the top of him at one point and he didn’t seem to mind. To be honest he was possibly a bit overwhelmed because including him there were four dogs chasing around the garden! Anyway we went for a walk over the field over the road with two more dogs and the whole lot of them were bouncing around and splashing in puddles and running in and out of ditches. Just how springers should be! It was a bit of a surreal experience and perhaps I didn’t pay little This beautiful pup loads of attention but it was good to observe her running round and how she interacted with the other dogs. Considering her background, she comes across as a sweet little thing, who is happy to please and loves to get praise and attention. It’s a bit of a weird thing because I kind of wanted to give her lots of attention but I was mindful at the same time that she isn’t our dog and also balancing it out because Duke was there and I wouldn’t have wanted him to feel like he was being left out. Does that make sense? It wasn’t my situation to take control of so we were just taking the lead from the experienced rescue people. I don’t think I’ve explained that very well but I know what I mean (thankfully!)

I took a few photos of her, which I was really glad I did and we left it that we have to have a good think over it and let them know after 24 hours whether we want her or not.

What an important, life changing decision. Life changing for her because, well, it is going to be her forever home and bless her at nine months old she has effectively had four homes already! Ours would be her fifth. Life changing for us because it’s a big jump going from one dog to two. Or is it?

So today is Sunday and after lots of thinking, talking and discussion, I made the all important phone call to say that we would like to offer her a home. We just want to shower her with love and let her know that she is an important part of our family. We want to take care of her so she doesn’t have to fight for food, we want to keep her safe and warm and give her an enjoyable life. Exciting times lie ahead and I can’t wait until Wednesday evening when they are going to bring her round. We are not completely her owners yet, they need to make sure she settles and that Duke accepts her into his home and also check that our garden and everything is suitable for her. So more nerves, anxiety and excitement. It’s certainly been a busy week and I’m sure I’ll have a few more nights of not sleeping very well too!

I will update after Wednesday evening and let you know how it all goes!

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