What to think about when getting a puppy

Well I know we haven’t been looking for long but I have discovered my penchant for being an overthinker strikes again!!

I guess any ‘normal’ person would have picked their puppy by now but oh no not me, I’m still at the ‘can’t decide whether to get a boy or a girl’ and ‘can’t decide which colour is best’ and ‘can’t decide how old it should be’ and ‘can’t decide springer or cocker’ stage. Bloody hell.

So needless to say we are still puppyless.

And yep you’ve guessed it – and I know – that the more I think about it the harder it is going to be and then the more I will think about it again!!

Don’t even get me started when I think about how the little puppies will feel that don’t get chosen. Oh my life it’s quite hard being me sometimes…

Duke is probably still quite happy because even though we have had a few chats about it, I’m not entirely sure he knows what I’m going on about when I tell him how lovely it will be for him to have his own special friend to run around the fields with and play ball with in the garden and snuggle up in the bed with. I know he will love it but he doesn’t know and unfortunately we didn’t teach him how to use an iPad so he really can’t help me choose. Oh wow that would be the complete best solution wouldn’t it, can you imagine:

“Hey Mum lookie quick, dees pups here is really cuuuuute, look Mum dey look likes dey gonna be lots and lots of fun. Awwwww Mum can I have dat little cutesy wiv dee smiley face. Please Mum.”

There sorted.

Think I’ve answered my own question here, I am going to be more Duke.

I’ll let you know how I get on!


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