Whoever would have thought

This is going to be quite a short post but I would really love to know your opinions and thoughts please.

Who would have ever thought, say eight months ago, how different our lives would be now.

I’ve just been thinking today though how much I am really valuing those things that we took for granted perhaps before or didn’t give a second thought to.

Way back in January or February this year – how long ago does that feel – who would have thought that we would be having to wear masks whenever we enter shops, cafes, restaurants, shopping centres etc. Who would have thought that in certain parts of the country people are not allowed to mix with other households. Whoever would have thought that you are not allowed to meet in a group of more than six. Whoever would have thought that you would have to sanitise your hands wherever you go. Whoever would have thought that in the United Kingdom our lives are being restricted and limited by government guidelines, in 2020.

Thinking about it and dwelling on it too much can instil thoughts of anxiety and depression, an overwhelming feeling of concern about what is going to happen next, fear about ourselves or a member of our family catching this horrible virus, understandably, a feeling of being overwhelmed by the situation and being very concerned about the future. Will this get better? Will things ever get back to normal? What about future generations? What is normal?

Am I the only person who has had these thoughts? How do you feel about it?

I really do hope that things do get better and I’m sure they will. We’ve got through it so far and adapted to all the changes we have had to make. We’ve adapted our lifestyles to cope with this virus that doesn’t seem in a rush to go anywhere for now. I think it is important to try really hard to focus on positive events and things that make us happy rather than worrying about negative events, particularly those that may not directly affect us.

I have discovered that it is good to talk to other people about our concerns, you will probably find that others are worried about the exact same things that you are.

It is important to try and find something in the moment to appreciate and feel thankful for. It’s a positive focus and helps to bring you back to the moment. One thing I have been surprised at with myself is how much I am absolutely loving everything associated with autumn. I am embracing feeling connected with autumn. Just looking around at the scenery. Even the ground looks beautiful when it is covered with a patchwork of leaves. The skyline glows with colour and everything feels rich and lush. One day at a time just try and find something to feel thankful for and appreciate.

How are you dealing with the situation we are in? What simple things make you forget about the negative and focus on the positive?


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