Why it is important to have a positive mental attitude

Ok so two months in to being diagnosed with a life-long health condition I have made a decision. Positive mental attitude is so important and really can help you to deal with shit.

I found this quote that I really like:

This quote is so true, sometimes we can’t change what happens but we can change how we look at and deal with things and adapt, so I have decided that hypothyroidism can take a hike.

I am going to kick it’s butt.

I am not going to feel like shit.

I am going to do whatever I possibly can to feel the best I can.

That needs to start with eating healthily and avoiding foods that may trigger the symptoms or affect my thyroid. I have done some brief research and it seems that I should avoid gluten at least. To be fair have you actually tried gluten-free bread? Personally I don’t think it’s very nice, well I haven’t found a nice one yet but maybe you know different? It’s ok toasted but for sandwiches, it just lacks…gluten! Anyway guess that means bread’s got to go and I think I just need to try and focus on eating foods that I know are good for me. I can do this. I’ve got this. I am actually feeling quite positive today about it. I need to basically eat healthy food and cut out the crap. Simple. Now just to hunt out that will-power that I know is hidden somewhere deep within my brain, or my soul, well I’m sure it’s in there somewhere…

I need to exercise too but I have just found out I’ve been walking round for the last year with broken bones in my foot, so exercise is out the question – just for the moment – unfortunately, but hopefully after I see the consultant surgeon next month I will know a little more.

I had my blood tests done to check my TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) it has gone down to 2.72 which is within the normal range so on another positive note that means the level of Levothyroxine I am on has worked to reduce my levels. I still have the horrible tight feeling in my throat that occasionally makes it feel like I am being strangled, but good things – my arms and legs no longer ache, my headaches have improved massively, my head feels like it belongs to me – most of the time – and not like my head is up in the clouds somewhere. I’ve bought a decent moisturiser to try and sort out my dry skin and I got my nails done yesterday! Well that’s obviously not as a result of Levothyroxin but hey it’s made me feel loads better in myself!

So now to kick butt and focus on that healthy eating. It is my birthday next month so it would be really lovely if I could drop a few pounds by then!


  1. Hey Fiona, I didn’t realised you had been diagnosed with that! It’s great that you e researched ways to help yourself rather than let it rule you. Life’s too short isn’t it! Gluten free bread is minging 😷 it sticks to the roof of your mouth more than peanut butter fgs! If I hear of a good gluten free bread I’ll let you know! What on earth did you do to your foot?! Xx

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    • Ahh thanks Steff, I’ve tried a couple of different ones and its just like stale bread!! My foot – I fell down the stairs last year and went to the hospital because it was so painful and bruised, she said it’s a sprain and wouldn’t x-ray it. She said it can take months and months to heal and even up to a year and hurts more than a break. So I rested it,iced it and everything but it is still hurting now a year later. Got an X-ray done and the consultant said it looks like I’ve chipped two of the bones – looks like part the bone is broken off. No wonder it hurts 😂 anyway got to see another consultant next month to see what happens next xx

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