September roundup

So it’s the first of October today and the month even sounds autumnal doesn’t it? It has got a bit colder but I’m still perservering with shorts at work!! Knee length denim if you please, but still shorts haha.  I think it’s just because it’s a novelty to be able to wear them.  But also come the winter months I definitely won’t be wearing shorts so it’s nice to hang on to a teeny bit of summer/autumn transition for as long as I can!

I feel I’ve done well in my new job, at least I think I’ve grasped most of the tasks so that’s all good.  There are a couple of things I’m still not quite confident with but I know that will come in time.  I feel very blessed to be working with such a great bunch of people too, everyone seems really nice which is a complete bonus. The environment is wonderful too, there aren’t many places you can walk round on your way to get something and can stop to chat to a horse on your way.  Not many places you can see piglets that are only an hour or so old either! 💕

How cute are they?!!

My son had his birthday and we bought him a coffee maker – which he chose – I was so happy to be able to buy him something that he really wanted.  My younger son bought him a coffee grinder so now when he has people round for coffee he’ll be able to do the whole shebang (when he moves out!!)

Note: I actually had to check the word shebang to make sure I spelt it right and this is  the exact definition, just in case you were wondering…

  2. a matter, operation, or set of circumstances.
  3. “the Mafia boss who’s running the whole shebang
  4. 2.
  6. a rough hut or shelter.

My son has done so well with his painting and stuff, he just needs to get the internal door sorted out.  Look here’s  a couple of pics, you’ll have to excuse the mess on the floor (and the door on the floor! It was too heavy to move!) I took the photos to remind him how nice and spacious it is, it’s going to look so lovely when it’s all done.So progress was made on that front, but is ongoing!

I wrote a few blog posts.  I wrote a couple of posts in my feature series, a seventies childhood – I talked about school and playground games.  Do take a look if you have a few minutes spare it might jog some fond memories for you.  I wrote a rule book for humans, which is basically all the qualities I feel that we should have and how we should act to make the world a happier place.  I’d love to know if you agree.  I posted some tips about how to deal with a trip to the dentist, if you get stressed by it – I certainly do – I hate going to the dentist.  I had a couple of challenges to do and a sunshine bloggers award.   I wrote about being interviewed by another blogger – that was awesome and made me feel so good, what a confidence boost! I wrote a few other things too –  I won’t post all the links here but I’d love you to browse around my blog and see if there’s something you haven’t read before.

Ooh I just got myself an Apple pen too so that’s how I’ve been signing my name under my posts.  I’m sure there’s loads more I can do with it too!

Well that pretty much sums up September I think!  My next post will be my hopes and dreams for October 😀


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