July Roundup

Wow seriously, is it really 1st August? Where on earth did July go? It seems to have whizzed past, perhaps that’s because, for me, it was just a whirlwind of change, maybe it went quickly for you too.

Finally I’ve decided on a regular feature for my blog – cue the applause 😀 no actually I don’t deserve applause at all because it’s taken me three months to decide – THREE MONTHS!

I’ve decided that at the end of each month I am going to talk about what I have achieved in that month. It will be therapeutic for me and hopefully give me a sense of achievement plus I hope you will find it interesting to read about too!

I also think, alongside this, I will talk about my hopes and dreams for the following month and perhaps try and think of some goals that I would like to achieve each month and write about that too.

So here goes, let’s look at July…. Well ultimately the biggest personal achievement for me in July was securing a new job. Now to many that might not seem a very big deal. I know in a lot of professions people move around a lot, up the career ladder etc, but for me it’s massive.  I had been in the same job for nineteen years and it would have been easy to stay there anther nineteen years. I enjoyed my job, it was rewarding and it gave me challenges. I don’t know if it was something to do with turning fifty, but I thought, do you know what, I actually want to do something different – completely  different.  I saw a job advertised that really excited me and you can read what happened here Everything Happens For A Reason

So, hand on heart, that was my best achievement in July, in fact it was my best achievement for the whole YEAR! I truly feel so grateful that I have been given the opportunity to learn new things, meet new people and hopefully be able thank bring a lot to the company to help them too. Obviously though, starting a new job (usually) means leaving the old one behind. At the moment it doesn’t feel too different as it is the school holidays anyway.  In all honesty I didn’t have time to feel sad on my last day.  I was teaching a Year 6 class all week and obviously it needed to be all about them. It’s a huge step moving on from being the biggest fish in a primary school to being the smallest fishes, in a secondary school that will be huge by comparison.

Children present in many different ways when they are ending their time in primary school. For many, they are ready and raring to go. They have matured into lovely children, independent learners, confident and caring individuals who you know are going to be ok. There are a few who you know aren’t quite ready, they relish the safe nurturing environment of a primary school and are very unsure about moving on. These children may display undesired behaviour, but I think it’s only because they don’t really want to leave. So on that final day there were comments and good luck wishes exchanged on shirts, leaving gifts and farewell hugs and of course the obligatory DVD.

Nineteen years is a really really long time to stay in a job, I learnt a lot and grew a lot personally and professionally during my time there. I am so thankful for the experiences and opportunities that I had during my time there. I know I gained a lot in confidence, especially since becoming an HLTA. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I could stand up in front of a class of up to thirty (it might not sound a lot – but that is a lot of children when you have to keep all their attention and focus and you’re on your own in a room with them!) ten and eleven year olds and teach Maths, English, Science, RE, PE, History…(you name it!) but I did it (Yay!!) and at the end it was second nature.

During my time there I also learned to deal with so many different types of people – children and adults – and  made some wonderful friendships, some of the people are still there and some have moved on before me.  These are precious friendships and I hope we will continue to catch up as often as we can,  I also know I will stay in touch with a few others too.  Only two days ago a group of us went to the cinema to see Mamma Mia.  I really loved the film, personally I think it’s better than the first one. If you haven’t seen it yet and ABBA is your thing I would absolutely recommend it!

Because of the massive work thing, I feel I neglected my blog so I feel sorry absolutely it that as my blog and readers are really important to me. My head was all over the place with the excitement of a new job and the huge upheaval of leaving my old one.  Add to that having to deal with someone being really nasty to me because they didn’t want me to leave (because it would impact on them) and you might understand why I couldn’t focus on writing. I don’t want to go into detail about it but it made some aspects of my working day feel awkward, uncomfortable and unhappy. But hey I got through it and it’s made me stronger!! 😃

So in July I wrote a bit about my old job because I thought some people might be interested What is it Like to Work in a School?

I wrote a quick poem – only because a lovely blogger, Novus Lectio, wrote about a competition and it reminded me that I hadn’t written a poem in ages.  I don’t think I’m marvellous at poetry but I really do enjoy writing poems. My latest is here And Then The Rain Came It is all about the heatwave that we have had in the U.K. recently.  We had no rain for so long and the atmosphere was so muggy it was quite unbearable at times.  If you struggle with the heat, I wrote this to try and help How to Keep Cool in Hot Weather

My final post I wrote in July was called “what’s in my bag?” It was a fun one that another blogger tagged me to do.  For this I had a go at using Canva for my featured image and I was really pleased with the outcome for my first attempt! I’ve had a go for this post too, I know I know – but practice makes perfect! I need to use Canva for my new job so I thought I would have a bit of a play around with it.

So that was July and my first regular feature, I wonder what August will bring…


  1. Hello. I enjoyed this read! I too left my job this past year, in an Elementary school – after 19 yrs. Am now working in Middle School (secondary level). How funny! I’m an SLP. I can’t wait to read – “what’s it like to work in a school” and prob laugh my ass off. 💜

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