Happy Easter

I decided to write another poem this morning, yes I know my poems aren’t great, I’m hardly a Bronte, Austin or Keats, but I do like to have a go.  What I love is that on occasion I think about something, or even look at something, then words start reverberating around my head like a bouncy ball inside it, boing, boing, boing.  I get an urge to write things down sometimes, so here we are.

The idea for this came from hearing the sound of buzzards while I was standing in the garden waiting for the dog to do what he wanted to do – hardly a romantic setting! I looked up to see which birds were making the high pitched sound and there was a pair of buzzards soaring and circling above me, flying in harmony with each other.

Easter Morning

Two buzzards soar above the clouds

Their high-pitched sound informing

Their grace and beauty resonates

Amidst the silence of this Easter morning

Easter eggs wait to be given

A symbol of new life and hope

To remember Him on the cross

This is a time of kindness and love

Signs of new life surround me

In nature with of all its splendour

Forsythia, daffodils, primroses

A wash of yellow – a beautiful colour

Magnolia buds swell on their stems

Velvety soft and smooth

Warmed by the sun and waiting

To reveal their beautiful blooms

So whatever you do on this day

Your choices are bound to differ

Enjoy the time that you spend

And have a Happy Easter.

Copyright: Fiona Adams, Country Rambles 



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