Snow poem

I decided to write this poem this morning.  At about seven o’clock I thought I saw a beautiful white feather floating around in the breeze. It didn’t look like it was going to land and, whilst watching it, I realised it must be a snowflake.  It didn’t seem that there were going to be anymore. I was fortunate enough to just be pottering, drinking my beloved morning cup of tea so was able to take the time to observe and see how that one single snowflake was joined gracefully by others.  It was really beautiful to watch.

February Snowfall

One tranquil innocent flake

Drifts on the gentle breeze

Almost feather-like, floating

Searching for its landing pad.

One, two, three, then more

Fleetingly join the flurry

Swirling, twirling, dancing in the air

Hovering and wavering with trepidation.

Beautiful lace-like snowflakes

unique and individual

exclusive and serene

float amidst the cool wintery air.

Exquisite as graceful ballerinas

pirouetting in Swan Lake

Perfect, pure, angelic

A beautiful sight to behold.

Slowly gaining momentum

Yet still so peaceful and calm

Like petals falling from a rose

Or butterflies fluttering on the wind.

Gracefully settling down on the ground

Like a dusting of icing sugar

A gentle blanket caressing the earth

Enveloping everything in its sight.

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Copyright: Fiona Adams


Country Rambles

Please do not reproduce or publish this poem without permission


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