Farewell lovely May!

Unbelievably I just found this in my drafts and hadn’t realised it didn’t publish!! So I’ve changed the title from ‘Hey May’ and thought you’d like to read. I hope that May was a good month for everyone.

Wow I can’t believe it’s 10th of May already! Where did the first few days go, time is really speeding ahead at the moment isn’t it…

I love May, it’s one of my favourite months, perhaps because it’s my birthday but also the name May just sounds lovely doesn’t it?

To me, the month of May feels like a sign that summer is on it’s way, it usually treats us to some sunshine and the flowers are really coming into their own. I know March and April are lovely with daffodils and tulips, blossom and other spring flowers but by the time May arrives the gardens and countryside have so much more on display! In our garden at the moment I am excited to say our wisteria is in full beautiful bloom and has managed to creep just ever so slightly above the front door! That was a secret wish – to have either wisteria or roses around the front door of this house when we moved into it six years ago. We bought this little wisteria plant from a wonderful nursery a couple of miles away and for the first three or four years we did not have one single flower. Eventually I am happy to report that last year it flowered twice and the scent the second flowering bought was sublime. This year again we have an abundance of flowers so I really hope it follows suit and we have a second flourish later in the year.

I also have a few roses in flower already, what a coincidence that one of them is a kind gift from a friend a couple of years ago – and it was in flower then…😀 it takes me a bit too long to work our patterns sometimes.

My azalea, which is the-most-beautiful-pink is in flower in the back garden – my mum bought me this as a birthday present a couple of years ago!

I’m a little lot gutted that my dwarf lilac that my mum also bought me for my birthday another year, has disappeared off the face of the earth. It was so beautiful too. I have a theory behind this though as it was fairly small and along the boundary fence…I wonder if it may have been involved in an incident with a strimmer, but that’s just my thoughts and I can’t prove it or bring it back so that will just have to go. There is a little bit of a common theme going on with these presents isn’t there! Purple flowers completely cover the Californian lilac; the mallow and roses bushes are swathed with buds and everything else just looks so wonderful and green!

It was a bit grey today but hopefully will brighten up – and warm up – tomorrow!

Moving on, it’s my sister’s 50th next week and I feel so gutted for her that she’d planned a huge ABBA themed party, which obviously due to the virus is now unable to go ahead. It’s not really my comfort zone but she and her friends often have themed/fancy dress parties and I think she’d bought enough artificial bougainvillea to decorate the whole county! So like everyone else with a birthday during lockdown it’s going to be different, it’s just a particular shame for her as it’s a biggie. Obviously I will go over to give her her present, socially distanced of course. I’m so happy with what I’ve bought her – in my opinion it’s so beautiful so I really hope she likes it! My birthday is a few days after but I am quite content not being the centre of attention and it works out I have the day off work so if it’s a nice day I’ll be happy chilling in the garden, with a book and perhaps a glass of something special!

Has your birthday been during lockdown or is it likely to be? How did you spend your day if so?

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