Welcome June!

Enjoying a lovely cup of tea, whilst soaking up the glorious morning sunshine, seems like the perfect time to celebrate the marvellous month of May – and all it gave us – before it gracefully drifted away allowing June to shine.

I hope that May brought you good times, amidst the awful pandemic that is sweeping the world right now. I enjoyed a birthday, which was different but still enjoyable, this may be why May is my favourite month – along with the fact that the garden really seems to come alive at this time. May feels like an unwritten invitation for the gardens and countryside to put their efforts into a fine show to convince us all that colder days have gone for a while. I was so excited that our wisteria bloomed beautifully and managed to creep ever so slightly above the front door. That was a secret wish – to have wisteria or roses around the front door of the house. We bought the wisteria from a lovely little local nursery and for the first three or four years it did not produce a single flower. Good things come to those who wait though and happily last year it flowered twice and the scent the second flowering brought was sublime. Hopefully this may mean we will again have a second flourish later in the year.

So now it’s 1st June and I wonder what this wonderful month will present us with… The Lavatera (mallow) now has a few beautiful pink flowers and many more buds ready to burst open. We have a wonderful selection of roses all in bloom, colours ranging through from white, yellow, peach, pinks and various shades in between to our hot chocolate rose with its russet hues. The salvia has more flowers appearing each day and as well as all the happy bees bumbling around, today I saw a Red Admiral.

We have blue tits in the nesting box again this year so are eagerly waiting for the chicks to venture out once they are strong enough. The box is tucked away within a leafy tree so hopefully safe from predators. It is lovely to hear the chirping sounds from within. Rambling around the garden this morning I was delighted to notice that the lavender looks almost ready to flower, the soft velvet tips are fresh and green with tiny buds, so I am sure that it won’t be long before the garden is filled with its heavenly scent. I absolutely love the aroma of scented flowers!

What are you looking forward to in June and are there any other plants that you would recommend for a captivating aroma in the garden?

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    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read it! I really appreciate your comments and we will be keeping an eye on the bird box and looking out for those babies xx

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  1. Ah, what a lovely round up of your garden in May, Fiona. Like you, our lavender is on the cusp of flowering, our roses are all blooming, and our wisteria is flowering for the first time this year. Such a special time, despite what’s going on in the world. Love this, can’t wait for your June update in due course! Lisa x

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    • Thank you so much for reading Lisa, it means a lot. I expect your lovely garden looks amazing at the moment! It’s so worth waiting for things to eventually flower isn’t it xx


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