Early spring and signs of life in the churchyard

Taking Duke for a walk this crisp, yet beautifully sunny February morning,, inspired me to write this poem.  The weather forecast is actually for heavy snow this week, but we shall see, they don’t always get it quite right!

Early Spring and signs of life in the churchyard

A carpet of snowdrops adorns the grassy banks

Interwoven with crocuses, primroses and flanked

by golden trumpets standing tall and proud

dappled with sunlight, occasionally bowed.

A patchwork quilt of these beautiful flowers

The jewels of spring in their finest hour.

A pheasant strolls round the ancient stones

On a February morning, content yet alone,

shimmering feathers of bronze and emerald hues

Strutting silently over the grass and dew,

uninterrupted and peaceful, an innocent bird

graceful and regal, no sound to be heard.

A Perfect sky of blue, so bright and crystal clear

a few motionless clouds, wispy, pale and here

beneath them the trees pose stately and strong

new leaves harbouring the birds and their wonderful song.

An easterly wind chills the bones of the few

who are out walking for pleasure, admiring the views

A contest brews between the harsh wind and warming sun

my heart skips a beat, glorious spring has finally sprung.

Fiona Adams




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