Earth friendly dog poop bags

Are you a dog owner or a dog walker? If so this may be of interest to you. I’ve been looking at the different types of dog poop bags on the market, particularly considering the fact that they are effectively plastic bags but by law as a dog owner you have to use them.

I’m certain that most responsible and considerate dog owners clean up after their dogs, although there are a selfish minority who don’t. Did you know it is a criminal offence to not clear up after your dog and can lead to a fine of £100 – this can escalate a whole lot more if it goes to court. Some councils have the ability to pass a fine if you are caught with a dog and no poop bags.

There is a useful article on the Keep Britain Tidy website which discusses this and also other waste that inconsiderate people decide to spoil our countryside and environment with.

So the fact is: as dog owners we have no choice but to carry around little plastic bags with us whenever we are out and about with our four legged friends.

But do we have a choice in the materials used in poop bags and the length of time they take to biodegrade?

Plastic bags can take up to 500 years to biodegrade, meaning that if left with no intervention this is how long they will take to decompose. Doesn’t this make you think and be so appreciative that supermarkets are now not giving these out automatically, or if they are continuing to provide plastic bags one would hope that they are created from recycled materials.

We have recently discovered some earth rated dog poop bags. We bought on Amazon and you can get some similar Here I would honestly say that they are much more convenient to use than quite a few other poop bags that we have previously tried. Cleaning up after a dog is not the nicest job so it is important to find dog bags that do the job well. For me personally as a dog owner, these are the things I look out for in a dog poop bag:

1) Being eco-friendly. A personal choice for me is not to use a bag that is going to hang around for over 500 years after being disposed of, even though the content will have disintegrated years and years before that.

2) Large size and strong bags. Large enough that I can pick up as much as possible without having to use more than one bag – and importantly to make sure you can keep your hand clean – sorry I know that is too much info but if you are a dog owner or dog walker you will get it. For the same reason they need to be strong and not split or tear.

3) A dog bag with tie handles. Tie handles enable you to get more in your bag and are more far more convenient and hygienic in my opinion.

From a personal note I prefer the bags that are scented – the lavender scent is really pleasant, certainly more pleasant than the contents that are going to go inside!

Tip: I use the extra material that a tie handle enables to lift the lid of dog bins so I don’t have to physically touch them. This is particularly important to me at the moment with Covid-19 as I am making sure I avoid touching things that other people have touched, where possible.

So what are the different types of materials that bags are made from? Earth Friendly bags are described as oxo-biodegradable. (Biodegradable means that a product or material will decompose if it comes into contact with bacteria, oxygen or water.) I have discovered that oxo-biodegradable means that the product will naturally degrade but then as a polymer (such as salt) has been added, they will biodegrade in less than two years, which is quicker than a normal plastic bag.

The brand that we originally bought were Pogi’s, although the exact ones we bought are currently showing as unavailable on Amazon. Pogi’s website gives the following description:

First and foremost, a poop bag needs to get the job done. Pogi’s Poop Bags are extra-large, sturdy, and leak-proof so you never have to worry about clean-up getting messy, even with larger breeds. Made with EPI technology, our popular bags get bonus points for being earth-friendly and lessening your carbon pawprint. They’re earth-friendly and dog-friendly—the best of both worlds.

Personally I hope that I am doing the right thing by using these bags, they are a brilliant size, smell lovely and the 300 pack lasts absolutely ages. The packaging is all cardboard – there is no plastic so that is an absolute must for me too, I try as much as possible to buy recyclable packaging. In this day and age there is no need for plastic packaging.

Do you know of any better and more eco-friendly dog bags than this? If you do, please do let me know 💚


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