Self care Sunday

Oh hi lovely, thank you so much for dropping by, life at the moment is pretty hectic isn’t it? It’s now been about three months since the coronavirus hit the UK big time. Actually I really do mean BIG TIME. I don’t think any of us could have predicted how this was going to affect us all and honestly feel like our lives have almost been put on pause from the weekend beginning 21st March. I know it was Mother’s Day weekend and people up and down the country were due to go out for celebratory meals to thank their lovely mums for all that they do. Bang, no more. That was unable to happen for anybody. Pubs were shut, restaurants were shut, coffee shops were shut, tea rooms were shut. And they still are.

Admittedly life is gradually getting back to normal. Part of me wishes it would stay limited for a while longer if I’m honest. I’ve been enjoying less trafffic. I’ve been enjoying not going shopping. I’ve been enjoying less planes in the sky. I’ve been enjoying life being putting on hold for a little while and feeling a sense of innocence and simplicity.

So what did I get up to today? I had the house to myself so I spent a while in the garden as it’s been such a glorious day. I tidied and deadheaded – deadheading roses is a really essential task. If you don’t deadhead them they will put all their energy into the rose hips (seed heads) rather than creating new flowers. I want flowers not rose hips so they had to go!! I discovered so many buds after the old ones had gone too!! I deshedded the dogs and solved the mystery of the hole in the garden that has been getting slightly bigger each time I look. I thought dogs only buried bones in cartoons but discovered one of my lovely spaniels has dug a huge hole in the garden to bury her toys in! (That’s pretty cute isn’t it?) I also trimmed down a pampas grass plant and tried to get rid of a bamboo. I also did a few chores such as washing and hoovering, you know those jobs you don’t really want to do but, oh boy, you feel so much better when you do!

I am so happy that I managed to work out I could change my Twitter account to the name of my new blog. That has made me happier than you can imagine. I have met so many lovely people on Twitter and thought I needed to create a new account for my new blog, effectively starting again. Originally I did this, it was lovely and some of my followers from my other sunraintea account followed me which was so kind but the feed was so different and I didn’t really feel a part of it. The only way I can think to describe it is like popping in to a different room and hoping everyone comes with you but they didn’t so I was flailing around talking to people but missing those from the original room.

Anyway – amazing news – I managed to change my user name so now I am back to my original feed and feel back in my comfort zone again!

I really hope that you have all had a lovely day, what have you been up to xx


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day! Thanks for the tip on deadheading roses… I’ve got two that have flowered for the first time this year so will send Ant out to check them today lol! Well done on figuring out Twitter! It was strange that your feed wasn’t the same but I’m glad it worked out for you in the end! If you need any help like that in future drop me a message and I’ll help as much as I can! xx

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    • Thanks so much Steff I really appreciate your help I’m glad you got on ok with your roses. You will have to share photos on your Instagram I’d love to see them xx

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