Will life change after the corona virus?

If I’m honest, life feels pretty scary right now. In fact I think it’s the most unpredictable time in my 40 plus (er-hum) years. It’s rubbish isn’t it? Everyone is worried, some selfish people are stock piling and the emergency services staff are stretched to the limit.

Is there anything good we can think about, just to make ourselves feel a little bit better?

Well you know me, I try really hard to think of good things in bad situations, so let’s go!

Please know that I’m not trying to down-play this in any shape or form, it is a really serious situation and many people have been affected by it and lost loved ones. It is dreadful and scary so I really am just trying to make people feel a little bit better during these days of worry and uncertainty.

I don’t know about you, but I am being totally mindful about what I am eating. Food is not as readily available as usual, so I am choosing my food more carefully, focusing more on healthy food and appreciating my food SO much more.

I have felt an increased sense of camaraderie amongst my family, friends and work friends. I’ve also noticed on Facebook and other social media that people are reaching out, doing kind things for one another, looking out for their neighbours and those who are unable to get out and about. Groups are being created so parents can share ideas of activities to occupy their children. We need to be in this together and actually I think we are (apart from the SSP – oh that’s selfish stock pilers in case you wondered!!)

It almost feels like we have gone back to basics a bit, people are cooking from scratch more, getting outside in their gardens, plus playing games and talking to their families because the schools are closed.

Some of the impacts of these changes so far are: The air and sky look clearer, if you look now there is no haze caused by pollution; there are now fish visible swimming in the canals of Venice in the clean and clearer water; dolphins have been spotted in ports as there are no ships… pollution has improved drastically as well with less planes in the sky and fewer cars on the roads.

I sincerely hope this pandemic won’t last for too long and I hope and pray that it won’t take many lives. I know life won’t continue like this, and once it’s over and things gradually get back to normal in some aspect of life, perhaps it might make people a little more mindful of the environment and more respectful of our planet.

What are your thoughts?


  1. I really enjoyed reading this Fiona it was nice to read something more positive at the moment. I’m definitely trying to make this into as positive an experience as I can for my kids right now. Down with the SSP right!! xx

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