The funny things we do (1)

On my daily journey to work I pass a speed camera, I’m not entirely sure if it even works but it’s a deterrent against speeding nevertheless.  One thing that makes me laugh is that I can guarantee there will be at least one car that will slow right down to about fifteen miles per hour – just to make sure they don’t get caught.  The speed limit is 30mph, maybe drop to about 29mph to make extra sure, but I don’t really think it is necessary to reduce your speed by half!

Another thing that amuses me is what we do when we fall over – I do it too.  If it’s just a little trip or stumble, what’s the little run all about?  You kind of do a little trot so it looks like you just changed the speed of your walking and that little stumble was all part of the fancy transition from slow to fast.

Next time you stop to let someone cross the road, watch them. I can guarantee (if they’re over the age of about 16) that they’ll run or attempt to run the first half of the road. Well if they don’t actually run they’ll walk quick and then do a little fast walk bit or gallop thing and then slow down once they know you are safely stopped and they’re safely half way across. Watch and see.

Who else says sorry a lot? I’m trying to do this less so because it’s probably really annoying but I even say sorry to people when they’ve walked into me! Or someone gets to the supermarket queue just after me yet they manage to edge in front of me and I say sorry to them. I say sorry to the dog if it’s raining and we can’t go for a long walk, or if I throw his ball over a fence. I say sorry to the cat for picking her up and she miaows at me. I’ve even been known to say sorry to inanimate objects, hmm…


  1. I always do a little speeded up waddle when crossing a road πŸ˜‚ and I am forever apologising so much so I’ve started winding myself up.

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