What do you do on Sundays

Hello you lovely lot!

It’s been so long since I wrote anything on my blog, I’m so sorry I’ve been missing in action for so long. I guess I just got tied up with other things and, well you know what it’s like… Anyway I’ve really missed writing so I thought I’d pen my thoughts about today and get back on the saddle.

I like Sundays. When I was in my previous job I used to hate Sundays because Sunday afternoon always presented that thought of enduring a Monday at work! Although I presently work every other weekend, I enjoy Sundays now because I don’t work Mondays! In a nutshell, the difference I think is that I’m happy and enjoying my job so even if I have to work on a Sunday, it’s not so bad. Anyway this weekend I was fortunate enough to have the weekend off, so it was a definite win win!

I spent some of the morning enjoying a really tasty breakfast – you can see the photo on my Instagram – and then doing some genealogy research – something else I’ve neglected lately. I guess I was nudged into this a little as my mum’s cousin wanted some info about our Cornish ancestors and had got a little stuck! I love finding out new things to add to my family tree, it’s fascinating, perhaps one day I’ll find out I’m related to royalty from way-back-when but I’m not holding my breath!

The weather forecast for today was actually pretty grim but as it wasn’t blowing hurricanes or tornadoes, snowing or hailing, lightning strikes or gales, we decided to take a little jaunt out to Sheffield Park with the doggies.

Have you been to Sheffield Park before? It’s a National Trust place and we thought we would visit as it has established gardens and is mainly accessed by paths – so not too muddy. We have National Trust membership so when we want to take the dogs somewhere different it’s nice to visit one of the places where dogs are allowed. Although dogs have to be kept on leads (and you can only take them after 1.30pm for some reason) there is enough variety there to keep them entertained and we were there for about an hour and a half so it was a decent and interesting walk for them – and us!

It’s weird how the weather can be so localised isn’t it? We left our sunny home village but had second thoughts about our trip because by the time we got to East Grinstead on the way there, the sky turned black and torrential rain was lashing down, however by the time we reached Uckfield the sky was blue – well blue/grey-ish and the sun was shining again (ish!) The gardens are really well established and there are four lakes to walk around. There are a couple of ‘silent spaces’ which is a lovely idea isn’t it, we walked through one of them and saw a couple of pheasants and managed to take a few photos of the scenery while we were there!

Anyhow what a lovely satisfying day and after writing this I think it’s time for tea!

What do you like to do on a Sunday?

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  1. Yay you’re back! I had a lil blogging break too but im back now! I usually tend to work sundays as i work in retail but if i get a sunday off im either nursing a hangover or just having a super chilled day!


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