Going on holiday

We are going on holiday! I’m the sort of person who usually isn’t that fussed about going away and actually, analysing it, I think it’s because it’s so much hassle to go, you know the whole organising it, deciding what to take, how long it will take to get there, making sure things are looked after at home, making sure the house is tidy before we go (why though?) and knowing what it will be like.

Then there is all the ‘what ifs’ which actually I can rationalise if I try hard:

What if the house floods while we are away? Well the house hasn’t flooded since we’ve lived here so why should it? (Hope I’m not jinxing it here.)

What if my son doesn’t feed the cat? Well I can always ask my mum to pop by and make sure she is ok (the cat that is.)

What if my son doesn’t lock the front door? Hmmm I’m sure he will – it’s only me who thinks they haven’t locked the door and then has to go back and check it. He is an adult after all.

What if my son leaves the windows open? See above for rational answer.

What if I forget to pack something? Actually we are going to Devon where I am sure there are shops, we are not going to be in the middle of the Sahara desert.

What about the dogs? I don’t feel I could put my dogs into kennels, I know a lot of people do and that is fine, but I am a bit soppy and I think my dogs would feel I’d abandoned them. They don’t even like me leaving them at the dog groomer!

What if, what if, what if…(there are so many more things that I don’t want to go in to.)

I made a discovery recently that some holiday places actually let you take your dogs on holiday with you. We thought it would be nice to take a few days away with the dogs, just to go somewhere different and have a bit of ‘chill time.’

So I have been looking on some Facebook groups about ‘dog-friendly’ holidays and someone sent me a message about a ‘dog-friendly’ bed and breakfast in a little village in Devon – it looked perfect so we have actually booked it – WE ARE GOING ON HOLIDAY! You may have got the idea here that this is something I am extremely happy about – I SERIOUSLY can’t wait! It looks so lovely, it’s decorated beautifully and they really welcome dogs and go out their way to accommodate them too. The village looks lovely too, it is near a beach and lots of country walks and it’s just, ahh I don’t know, such a great feeling to know we are going! It’s about 160 miles from home so hopefully it won’t take hours and hours to get there – AND we don’t have to travel the whole journey by motorways. I really hate motorways, they scare me with some of the idiotic drivers you get on there. I actually won’t drive on the motorway and I don’t like being a passenger but I appreciate some places would take hours and hours to get to otherwise. Actually if I was driving I would take the scenic route and be prepared for hours and hours of driving!

Anyway for now I will leave you with a smile of my face, I keep on looking at the photos online of the place we are going to be staying in and I am so so excited – I can’t wait!!

Look how close to the beach we are going to be! (Well ok just slightly further back than this but not much!)


  1. The village looks like a peaceful place! And the fact that the beach is close by… it’s just perfect for a holiday! I really hope you’ll enjoy your long-awaited holiday 😆😆

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  2. That’s amazing! I love that there are more and more places that are becoming dog-friendly! I wouldn’t feel right leaving my dog in the kennel’s since we rescued him and I feel like he’d feel like he was being abandoned again :/
    But that’s amazing! I hope you have a wonderful time away and get to relax and enjoy the beach!

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    • Thank you! I would feel awful leaving either of my dogs in a kennel, I feel bad enough leaving them at the dog groomer for an hour or so! Rescue dogs are great aren’t they, one of ours is a rescue. Well done to you for getting yours from a rescue, I bet he has a lovely life now 💖


    • Thanks Ivan, we had a great time! We were so lucky with the weather too, we had one day where it rained a bit but the rest of the week was lovely and sunny 😎


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