My blogging goals

Hey lovely readers! I know I’ve been writing for about four years now but there is always room for improvement, right? So I have made the decision to see how and where I can make my blog better! For now I have made the decision to set myself three goals and after some deliberation I have decided:

To try and improve my SEO – I don’t really understand that much about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) so I am going to try and learn a little bit more about what this is, what it means and how to improve it. I know I have nailed it with one of my posts because the same post is getting a great number of hits, far more than anything else I have written. I have been trying to analyse the reason for this but as yet I haven’t managed to fathom it out. My post Banstead Woods and Narnia Trail pops up second when you search on Google for Banstead Woods and Narnia Trail, so I am really chuffed with that! It would be fab for the rest of my posts to be as popular.

Do you know much about SEO? The concept seems straightforward but can you recommend a way of analysing my posts and getting feedback please. Additionally can you please recommend the best place to go to learn more about SEO and how I can apply this in my writing.

Secondly I would really like to try and improve my photography skills. I have recently got an iPhone 12 Pro which I am over the moon about and would like to know how to take better photos with my iPhone. I often Google how to take better photos and have watched a couple of videos which have some amazing suggestions! I have been doing a little online research about this and am considering doing a 30 day challenge to help focus on photography. Sometimes if I have a good subject or can get close enough I know that some of my photos are really good but I would love them to be more than really good! I would love to be able to take photos that move people and make them completely awe struck.

Obviously I know you can get better photos with a proper camera and we are lucky enough to have a Canon DSLR but mainly when out and about it is my phone that I rely on for photos. I think nowadays most people have a phone on them so it would be good to learn how to utilise my phone to take the best pics. I would really appreciate any advice you can give, or should I go for it and take up a proper photography course and learn how to use the camera properly?

My final goal is to try and increase my social media following. I love the fact that I have ‘met’ so many lovely people online that I would never have met had I not started my blog. It’s so enriching to meet new and interesting people to engage with and share tips with. There is a fantastic community out there on social media and it’s not all just about getting likes or people sharing your posts, it’s just great to get inspiration from and have lovely conversations with a variety of different people from different places that you never would have the fortune of coming across otherwise.

If we are not friends on social media, you can find me here, I do like to follow back 🙂

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