Ethical jewellery and Engagement Rings from Ingle & Rhode, London

I love jewellery, a nice piece of jewellery really makes an outfit and makes you feel special doesn’t it.  There has been a lot in the media about ethically sourced clothing but I personally had never thought about ethically sourced jewellery.  I had never previously thought about where the elements from my jewellery have come from and how they have come about, or in fact how my jewellery is even made.  I had never considered the fact that mining diamonds and gold could be the cause of conflicts or that pollution could be caused by irresponsible mining practices.  I had not given one thought to the poor folk who could be paid a pittance in poor working conditions to cut and polish the diamonds and sparkly jewellery we love to wear so much.  When you think about jewellery in this way it doesn’t make it feel so special does it? When you really delve into it, it makes it feel almost tainted.

In London there is a company called Ingle & Rhode who pride themselves on the fact that all of their fine jewellery, including their wedding and engagement rings, are ethically sourced.

Precious metals are either recycled and then refined, which reduces the risk for newly mined metals, or alternatively they are Fairtrade and ethically sourced.  Buying Fairtrade gold provides miners with much healthier and happier living and working conditions.  You can find out more about Ingle & Rhode Fairtrade gold here

The diamonds that Ingle & Rhode use to complete their beautiful jewellery are all mined in Canada under strict regulations imposed by the government.  They are cut and polished according to guidelines established by the Council for Responsible Jewellery Practices and can all be traced back to the mine of origin.  All other coloured gemstones come from small mining communities where the wealth generated by mining is directly retained by the local communities.    Knowing information like this just make them feel a bit more ‘pure’ doesn’t it?

I was fortunate enough to be sent a beautiful pair of snowflake earrings from the Ingle & Rhode silver collection.  These beautiful silver snowflake earrings are crafted in the UK from Fairmined silver and each one is set with an exquisite little Canadian diamond.  They are hand finished to a very high standard and like all of their jewellery the craftsmanship is of exceptional quality.

These earrings really are something special.  I will admit this particular style perhaps wouldn’t be appropriate to wear all year around but will be a joy in the winter months – especially with the chilly weather we have at the moment here in the UK.  We haven’t had snow yet in Surrey but I believe it is imminent!  These beautiful earrings would make a stunning addition to a special outfit over Christmas and at approximately 2cm across they will no doubt be noticed and admired by others!

Ingle & Rhode have a beautiful Silver collection which consists of stunning earrings, pendants and cuff links, all designed and crafted in the UK using Fairmined silver and ethically sourced Canadian diamonds.

I’ve got my eye on these absolutely breathtaking droplet earrings, they are just so simple and elegant, what do you think?

On their website you can also view their sensational collection of stunning eternity rings, beautiful wedding rings and engagement rings, including some unique designs featuring sapphires, emeralds and ruby.

If you can’t quite find what you are looking for, or you would prefer something slightly more exclusive, they offer a bespoke service where you can discuss your requirements and budget with them.  How wonderful to be able to work with them to design your own ‘one of a kind’ ring that truly reflects your personality and will be the only one like it in the whole world!  This would certainly be a much treasured family heirloom to pass down through the generations.

So I have learnt something new and you know how much I love experiencing new knowledge!  It has really made me consider how much goes into the making of jewellery.  Additionally it will make me think about the people, circumstances and sources of the elements of my jewellery.

Knowing I have a piece of jewellery and I know exactly where it has come from, the history of the precious metals and diamonds makes it feel so much more precious and truly special. Plus they have the added bonus of a little diamond and we all love a diamond or a little bit of sparkle!

Ingle and Rhode are based in London, UK.


I was gifted this jewellery for the purpose of a review.  All opinions are honest and my own.


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