This or That Challenge

I was tagged for this challenge by the lovely Steff, her blog is great, it’s so relatable, check it out  here

I love being able to participate in things like this because it’s a fab  way of getting to know more about people you interact with online (or maybe I’m just nosey!) I love reading people’s answers to the questions set so if you do too then read on!

This challenge is a bit different to the usual awards because you are given options and I’m really looking forward to answering the questions!

DISCLAIMER: Please remember I have an inability to make decisions so some questions I might have to answer yes to both options, or justify reasons for one and the other, I have a feeling this is going to take ages…

Question 1: Shower in the morning or evening?

Well I actually prefer to have a shower in the mornings as it livens me up for the day, BUT I set my alarm for 5.58am not allowing time for a shower so I don’t have time.  Don’t ask me what I do in the mornings, I just potter around and don’t leave for work til about quarter to eight! So I usually have my shower in the evening.  I often go swimming in the evening so if I do I grab a shower at the health club after my swim.

Question 2: City centre or close to nature?

Definitely close to nature, I live in a village and really close to open countryside and love the peace and tranquility of it all.  We have a dog too who likes to go for long walks so it suits us living here.  I love being able to see the North Downs from my garden.  Saying that I think living in a city would be really exciting, being close to restaurants, shops etc, think SATC…overall though I think countryside.

Question 3: Bright colours or neutrals?

Hmm this is a tricky question for someone who can’t even choose a favourite colour!  Actually though I would say neutrals – and pastel colours if I can add that!  Most the things I choose are neutral or pastel colours.  My latest buy was a gym ball in gorgeous pastel pink – which I’ve only used once – that reminds me…

Question 4: Spring or Autumn?

Definitely Spring! I love the Spring, seeing all the new plants starting to grow, daffodils and tulips in flower.  It gives off a feeling of new life and optimism for me! Oh yes and then cute little lambs, Easter eggs and chocolate.  The weather starts to get nicer with sunny days and it’s my birthday in May.  There are so many things I love about Spring 🙂

Question 5: Mint or cinnamon?

Definitely mint.  I don’t mind cinnamon but mint is lovely!  Mint chocolate,  mint icecream, minty sweets, mint toothpaste, mint plant, mmm… cinnamon just wouldn’t be nice for any of those would it?!

Question 6: Planned or spontaneous?

I was doing so well with these questions, I thought it was too good to be true, now I’m stuck!  I don’t really know what to answer for this one… probably planned as I like to know what I’m doing, but if for example it’s a sunny day it would be nice to decide on the spur of the moment to go somewhere.  Also sometimes I’m spontaneous with cooking dinner or whatever I fancy doing at that particular moment. So perhaps my answer should be spontaneous, oh I don’t know!!

Question 7: A movie at home or at the cinema?

Probably at home because it’s more comfortable and you don’t have annoying people talking through the film or moving around in front of you so you can’t see the  film properly.

Question 8: Espresso or latte?

I don’t really drink coffee, I’m probably the only person in the country who doesn’t, right? But I would choose latte out the two.

Question 9: Hugs or kisses?

Probably hugs but I’m not the sort of person who hugs everyone I meet!!

Question 10: spicy or mild food?

I like food to taste and have nice flavours so I would probably say spicy, but if I were to choose a curry I would choose a korma, so what do you think?  I can’t stand really hot curries because it just tastes hot and you don’t get a nice flavour.

Question 11: Leather or lace

Definitely lace, it’s pretty isn’t it? BUT I wouldn’t dress head to toe in lace, that would look so naff! Saying that I have got a couple of tops that are lace, and I’ve seen some beautiful lace dress, a small bit of lace on something is nice too isn’t it?  If I had to chose material for shoes though obvs it would be leather, I don’t think lace shoes would be very effective!

Question 12: Overdressed or underdressed?

I think overdressed as I would feel too out of place if underdressed.  If I was overdressed people might just think I’m posh!! 😂

Question 13: Adventure or comfort?

Comfort probably but it would be nice though be adventurous sometimes!

Question 14: TV series or movie?

Errm this is another one that’s tricky to answer, can I say both? I love a good film but equally love some TV too, especially if it’s something you can really get into like Broadchurch or that type of drama.  I watched Lucky Man a few months ago and LOVED it (I know I’m a bit late for that!) the second series has been on but i missed it so can’t wait til that comes back on again.

Question 15: Rock or country music?

I’m not really in to either but I  do love listening to the Carpenters, I think Karen Carpenter has such a beautiful rich voice and their songs remind me of when I was little, I think that comes under country.

Question 16: Red or white wine?

I don’t drink wine.  That sounds a bit prudish doesn’t it?! I did drink (lots and lots of) wine until December when I decided to stop.  I used to drink white wine as not keen on red, I used to try and drink red every now and again because it’s apparently better for you, but didn’t really like it!!

Question 17: Working alone or in a team?

I think probably as a team, if everyone gets along and works equally supporting each other,  otherwise I would say working alone.

Question 18: Swimming or sunbathing?

Well I do like swimming but equally it’s nice to relax in the sun with a good magazine too.  So a non committing answer lol I would lie on a sun lounger then swim to cool off and alternate between the two!

Question 19: Fast food or sit-down restaurant?

Definitely sit-down restaurant, it’s nice to go out for a meal, especially if the food is really nice and there is no clearing up to do afterwards.

Question 20: Matched or mismatched socks?

OMG I just couldn’t wear mismatched socks!!

Question 21: Dancing or singing?

I love watching dancing, especially Irish dancing like Lord of the Dance – I went to see that a couple of years ago and it was the BEST thing ever 💚 I love to sing along to the radio in my kitchen and in my car, whether I know all the words or  not!

Question 22: Phone or the internet?

Totally definitely the internet, I don’t often speak to people on the phone but the internet is brilliant, you can communicate with people, plus find the answer to almost any question you could ask.  I love it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my answers, it was really good fun answering these questions.  I’ll tag some people on Twitter to see if they want to have a go but if you fancy it, why don’t you too?





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