What are the Best Things About Having a Dog?

IMG_2352.JPGOwning a dog is something really special.  There’s a reason why dogs are known as Man’s Best Friend.  People who don’t own or don’t like dogs probably won’t get this but I’d like to share some of the amazing reasons why I think having a dog is just one of the best things!

Your dog will love you.  As simple as that.  Your dog will be there, whether you are sitting watching TV, resting, chatting, reading, or whatever you are doing, he will want to be near you.  He’ll be your best friend.

IMG_3214Having a dog keeps you fit.  Be honest, how many people without dogs go for a daily walk, whatever the weather?  Your dog will love his walks, whether it’s a five or ten mile walk through the countryside or a mile walk to your village green or even just round the block, he will love it!  It’s more than just the exercise for the dog, it’s the whole “I wonder who’s been out this morning’ thing.  Dogs have a tremendous sense of smell so will be fully aware of which of his local buddies are out and about.  See his little face light up when you get the lead out!


People talk to you when you’re out with a dog.  Actually more people talk to the dog, when you’re out with a dog.  I’ve been out before and people have said hello to him before me sometimes!  It’s a lovely sociable thing and you’d be amazed the number of people that just stop for a chat, especially those with other dogs.  To be honest it’s usually the dogs that stop to say hello first.  Ours has a little built in radar and if he likes the look of one he sees, he will just stop.  He will stop fast and will not budge.  Imagine someone trying to pull a lead with a ten stone weight on the end, well that’s what it is.  It’s quite funny really because he’s not the only one that does it.  Next time you’re out, look out for those dogs that are just sitting, chances are there is another one just like it waiting for its owner to give in and let him go and say hello. How can  you refuse those puppy dog eyes?


I do think, particularly, older people who are able to, can benefit hugely from having a dog.  It’s companionship that they would not have, especially those who are living alone or sadly widowed.  I often see older people walking their dogs and talk to them and  that dog walk could possibly be the only opportunity for human interaction they have during the day.


Your dog will be so happy to see you when you get home after being out.  Even if you’ve only been out for about half an hour he will greet you with the biggest smile and the waggiest tail. He will act as though he hasn’t seen you for about two months! Ours runs round and round in circles with excitement and will bring you a toy when you walk in the door.  If he senses someone he knows is at the door he will run to his toy box (yes he has his own toy box!) and grab out one of his cuddly toys to show you.

IMG_0408He will never argue back with you.  You can be in a foul mood and completely stressed out and he will make you feel better,  You can swear to your hearts content if you want to and you will not be judged.  You can moan about your crap day to him, knowing that he won’t tire of your complaining.   Yes you can talk to your dog about anything you want to, confess your deepest secrets if you wish and they will stay within those four walls – guaranteed.


Dogs seem to sense if you’re not feeling 100% and will intuitively want to make you feel better, perhaps by lying down at your feet or lying down by your side.  They are good fun and give you the motivation to be more playful.  This in turn will make you feel better in yourself and make you feel happier.

If you are feeling a bit down and have no motivation to get up in the morning – you have to!  Your lovely canine friend may have four legs but on the end of those legs are paws, not hands, so he cannot open the door,  Poor thing has been stuck indoors for hours and will very likely  be desperate to relieve himself in the morning.  So you need to let him out, he will also need feeding.

IMG_3402Dogs are loyal and faithful to their owners if they are treated well.

Do remember that having a dog is a massive responsibility.   You need to act in a considerate and caring mannner.  You have an obligation to feed him, provide fresh drinking water and make sure he is clean and cared for and up to date with injections.  You can’t just go off and leave him for hours at a time.  He needs both stimulus and human interaction.  You need to keep him protected against worms, fleas snd ticks and make sure his fur doesn’t get matted.  You need to consider your role as a dog owner when you think about booking any holiday or weekend away.

That said, having a dog as a pet is such a reward, with rich benefits.

IMG_3401Sorry for using the words he and him all through, obviously many dogs are female, I just didn’t want to keeping saying him or her all the way through the post.




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