A visit to Chartwell

I can certainly think of worse things to do than while away a few hours in the beautiful setting of Chartwell.

Have you ever been to Chartwell? We are fairly local so it is our ‘go to’ National Trust favourite. We almost always take the dogs with us and I’m pretty sure they love it too! Its one of those places where there is something for everyone so whether you are 9 or 90 there will be something to appreciate. Nestled within the Kent countryside and just over the border from Surrey, you could easily spend a whole day in this glorious location if you wished to. We hadn’t been since before lockdown so I was immensely happy to be able to secure a time slot on a rare mutual day off.

I almost forgot about the pandemic as we were wandering around because it just felt so lovely to be able to go out somewhere. I say almost because I was reminded immediately on the sight of an arrow pointing away from our usual route. It’s funny isn’t it, well I don’t know about you, but we generally tend to go the same way around the grounds, almost like it’s my walk to work or another familiar journey. Anyway it felt a little bit odd at first that everyone followed the same route because it made it feel a little busier than usual. Obviously it wasn’t really busy at all it’s just that I guess there were more visitors than usual in the same place rather than being more spread out. Once I got over that, however, I was quite thankful for the arrows as they led us through areas we had never even seen before! There were some beautiful blooms throughout the gardens which always gives me inspiration for my own garden.

Following our ‘guided but not really guided’ tour we took the dogs for a ramble through the woods where they were allowed to be off lead.

We popped to the cafe and sat outside for a quick lemonade, then a meander round the National Trust shop – where I bought a brilliant garden tool – before the short trip home. Oh I forgot to say, Chartwell is the former home of Winston Churchill, who was prime minister from 1941-1945 and from 1951-1955, usually you can book to visit the house but I think this is closed at the moment. The extensive gardens are so well looked after and you will always see it from a different perspective dependent on the season.

You can find more interesting useful information about Chartwell from the National Trust here.

I’m just so pleased that tourist attractions are allowed to be open again and I’m looking forward to another day out soon. Where would you recommend?


  1. Ooh, Chartwell sounds fantastic! It looks beautiful, but I love the historical background with it being Winston Churchill’s former home. We are buying a car tomorrow so might be perfect for a drive out! x

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