How to use Canva to create a Facebook header

I love using Canva and thought I would share how I created a Facebook header for my page with it. I’ll be honest it’s actually for my other blog, but even so I thought I would share it with you on here!

I use the Canva app and I find it really easy to use – you can use it free too. There are some images that you do have to pay for but I generally manage to find something I like without having to pay. I’m learning new things, the more I use it too, which makes it more enjoyable as I can get a little more creative.

To create my Facebook header, I opened the app and selected ‘Facebook cover’ – no sh*t Sherlock! I decided to use a plain white background today as I didn’t want my design to look too fussy. I clicked the small + sign and the ‘text’ symbol to add the name of my site and then clicked ‘done’ before deciding which font and size to use for my writing. I could have spent hours here as I am so indecisive but tried really hard not to dither and opted for Varela Round. Seriously though, there were so many fonts to choose from that I impressed myself by picking one within a morning!!

Something to represent the UK was next on the agenda so I searched the images for a suitable image. Unfortunately I couldn’t really find what I was looking for, unless I paid for the images or upgraded my Canva (which I didn’t want to do) so I searched for ‘free’ images on the internet and saved these to my camera roll. I chose a plain map and a Union Jack and put these into position on my design.

I spent ages – and got a little very frustrated – trying to move the images into the correct place on my design. Every time I clicked on an image and tried to move it, it kept on changing the size and then almost disappearing – stupid chubby fingers! Can you imagine my frustration🤦‍♀️ anyway after a while – a long while – I made a discovery which I would like to share with you to save you wasting loads of time too.

If you want something centred Canva even shows a solid red line so you know something is in the right place, or dotted lines to help you if you want to line things up together.

Finally as my own dogs are going to have their own little voice on each post – and after all they are the ones who are also going to visit everywhere, I wanted to put some photos of them on. I made the choice to make them look like a collection of photos, so after choosing each image, resizing and moving it (see above top tip) I layered them so it looked like ‘physical’ photos layered on top of each other. You can change the position of items by putting them in front or behind other items. You can also highlight an image and amend the transparency, for example if you want to use an image as a background.

This post isn’t an ad, I just wanted to share you with what I have discovered, as you might find Canva will be useful for you on your blog or social media sites.

Here is the finished result, what do you think? I used the idea for my Twitter header too, which I have pictured, although the sizing is not quite right so I need to have another go at it! Now I know how to move images, at least it won’t take me so long next time!

I’m quite pleased with it really and it is quite satisfying to create my own designs. Do you use Canva? Have you got the pro version or the free version? What do you like to use it for? I’m no expert but I love learning new things. If there is anything about Canva you are unsure of please feel free to ask me and I will try and help you if I can. I would love to hear from you. Thank you for reading.


    • Ahh thank you so much Sarah! I really am still learning, I had to start learning to use it when I started my job last year but I am so glad I did! Thanks for reading and taking the time to leave a comment 😀


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