One dog or two

So that is a question I had a little ponder over recently.  Actually that’s a complete understatement, not just a ponder, more an ‘ocean’er if that’s a word.  If not at least you’ll get my drift!

As you may know we have an adorable, gorgeous, perfect, wonderful, lovely, ‘best dog in the world’ springer spaniel (no bias here!) who is five and a half years old.  We had never owned a dog before and hadn’t realised how rewarding it is until my son brought home this cute brown-eyed bundle of fur about a week after we moved into our new home.

The timing was great in case you’re wondering, he had been so keen to get one and as we moved and had a decent sized garden it would have been mean to then turn round and say no to him.   I am such a soft touch!!  So here we were in a new house in a new village with a brand new bundle of fun in our gorgeous little puppy.

In hindsight it really was a case of everything happening for a reason or being in the right place at the right time because had we moved a few months before or a few months after it probably wouldn’t have been our lovely boy we ended up with!

He really has changed our so much lives for the better, it’s a great reason to get outside, keeps you fit and you get rewarded with so much unconditional love and loyalty.

We are fortunate that, although obviously like most people we have to work, our shift patterns mean that there is usually someone at home and I am lucky enough that I can nip home at lunchtime on the days when I am working just for a quick hello and play in the garden.

Lately we have been considering getting another dog (or puppy) as companionship for our lovely boy (and us!!)   So obviously as I always do I have had a look at the pros and cons of getting another one before making the decision.

Some say that you should only have one dog because if you have more than one, they form a pack and then turn against you and won’t do anything you want them to.  They feel they are in charge and you have no hope of control.  For a sneaky minute this did put me off but then I thought seriously – they are spaniels (we are hoping to get another spaniel) and nobody would believe for one minute that a pair of spaniels would turn rebellious, stick on their baseball hats and run round like they are on an asbo.

Happily that was the only negative I could really think of, well although realistically I know it will cost more money because we would be spending twice as much on food, pet insurance, vet bills etc.

Now to think about the good things that can come out of it: our springer is such an adorable friendly, loving dog who loves nothing better than finding a friend to chase when we are out and about.  We are looking carefully (yes we are already looking!) for a young dog that we think would fit into our house.  I think (hope) that he will be really happy with another dog to snuggle up with and play with and having constant company. That is my wish anyway.

So we have been home checked by a rescue in case a young spaniel comes up there and are looking at other spaniels advertised through other rescues.  I would love to get one perhaps about six months to a year old, so our boy won’t feel put out.  How on earth do you know exactly what’s going on in a dog’s head?!  We also have our fifteen year old cat to consider too but happily she is well used to having a pup around the house now so will be fairly adaptable.

My thoughts are that another pup will be a friend for ours and it will be double the fun, double the love and double the joy that a dog brings to a family.

As soon as we find one I’ll let you know!

What do you think? How many dogs do you own and would you have more?


  1. I have a miniature cockerpoo (so part of the spaniel family!) called Bailey – she’s got the most lovely temperament, I’d definitely get another cockerpoo. I’ve only got one dog at the moment but when I move out with her, my Mum has said that she’ll get another cockerpoo as she’ll miss her so much! Great post.

    – Sasha //

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    • Thank you! Cockerpoos are lovely too aren’t they, I would consider getting one of them, saying that though some of them are a bit of a handful aren’t they, I know a couple of people with them and one of their dogs jumped up on the dinner table and ate all their dinner once!! Saying that I know some spaniels can be quite hyper, I think we are really lucky with ours as he’s so lovely 🙂

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      • Oh really?! I’ve never heard of anyone thinking cockerpoo’s are high maintenance, maybe I’m just lucky that my Bailey has such a good temperament! She’ll play for as long as you want and then when it’s chill time she’ll always lie down and have a nap – not eaten any dinner of of table as yet! Hahah. We’ve both been lucky to have such lovely calm pups then 😌

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  2. It depends so much on the dog. We have just one – he’s made it clear he values “only dog” status. Some friends have more than one – sometimes the dogs get along, sometimes not. Is your dog closer to one person in the family than to anyone else? If so it’s important that this person remains the dog’s “human” – dogs don’t want to share.

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