What is a thoughtful gift

I know Christmas was over a month ago but I’ve just drafted a blog post about one of my Christmas presents I received and it made me think how thoughtful every single present I received was. Because every present was so special I thought I would share and let you know the reasons why.

My other half bought me a keyboard to use with my iPad which is a brilliant gift. He knew that I was struggling with typing properly on my iPad, especially when writing a decent amount of content so bought me a keyboard that connects with it!

He also bought me a bottle of Chanel Mademoiselle, which is my new favourite perfume, it is so beautiful. It’s really funny because I said I would love a new perfume but didn’t really know which one. I did loads of research – as I always do as a member of Overthinkers United – and had come to the conclusion that this particular fragrance would be perfect. I didn’t get round to telling him, yet he bought it for me for Christmas!! I was so happy!

My older son bought me a gorgeous pair of Timberland Boots which are fur lined, I have real problems with my ankles and feet and these boots are so comfortable. It’s like a dream wearing them, it’s so lovely to be able to walk without pain and they look pretty cool too! Whoops sorry – Fiona, forgot your age there for a moment!

My youngest son bought me a DNA test. You might think this is a bit of a weird present, but hey for me it is an amazing present. I am really interested in researching my family history. I have gone back a couple of hundred years so far and although I know for sure a lot of my ancestors are from Scotland, I didn’t really know where the ancestors on my Mum’s side originated from. We are so lucky to have the internet to be able to do research like this aren’t we! I have traced back a lot of them to Cornwall and one of the surnames is Italian, so anyway it’s going to be great to find out all the origins from the DNA kit. I have done it and sent it off and am so excited about what it’s going to say when I get the results back!

My lovely Mum bought me a beautiful Elemis gift set with some eye treats, I had mentioned to her that I could do with some eye cream but didn’t imagine she would buy me something so lovely! There is an eye cream, eye makeup remover and eye mask. I don’t know about you but I love using luxury items, it makes me feel really special and certainly isn’t something that I would buy myself. She also got me some other thoughtful bits as well.

I got some lovely Body Shop shower gels from my Auntie and a voucher from my sister for a shop that she knows I can’t usually afford to shop in, so all in all I felt so spoilt. I truly hope everyone enjoyed their gifts from me as much as I loved the ones I received from them.

So my whole point of this post is to say that putting a little bit of thought into a present can have such a lasting impact on the recipient. Someone has cared enough to take time thinking about something that you would really like and appreciate. Presents do not need to cost a lot to be special. Hand-made presents are equally as special because someone has gone to a lot of effort and time to make something especially for you.

So what does a thoughtful gift mean? A thoughtful gift to me makes me feel so blessed that my family have gone out their way to really think about special gifts for me and it is a feeling that has stayed with me since and given me feelings of great happiness, gratitude and appreciation.


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