This or That Challenge

I have been so lucky to have been tagged for this challenge by two wonderful people, Steff and The Good The Human This is a brilliant challenge to do because it’s a way of letting people know more about you. I love learning more about the people I chat to! So thank you both lovelies for tagging me 💕

Country Rambles

I was tagged for this challenge by the lovely Steff, her blog is great, it’s so relatable, check it out  here

I love being able to participate in things like this because it’s a fab  way of getting to know more about people you interact with online (or maybe I’m just nosey!) I love reading people’s answers to the questions set so if you do too then read on!

This challenge is a bit different to the usual awards because you are given options and I’m really looking forward to answering the questions!

DISCLAIMER: Please remember I have an inability to make decisions so some questions I might have to answer yes to both options, or justify reasons for one and the other, I have a feeling this is going to take ages…

Question 1: Shower in the morning or evening?

Well I actually prefer to have a shower…

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