In a world where you can be anything, be kind

Let’s show kindness and goodwill  and contribute to a friendlier, happier society.  You know that if you do something kind for somebody then it makes that person feel great – it makes you feel good too, doesn’t it?  

Hopefully the recipient of your kindness will feel the warmth and care you have shown them and be inspired to do a kind deed for somebody else they meet on their travels, this will then be appreciated and lead to more kind acts.

I expect most of us try to be considerate to people anyway, for example I always hold the door for whoever is about to go through it or give a friendly smile or ask if someone needs help if they are looking troubled or lost,  I am sure you are in the practice of doing this too.

It would, however, be wonderful if more people would actually go out of their way to do something kind for a fellow human being.  If a  person isn’t particularly expecting to be the recipient of a kind deed, it will really make their day!

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