Songs from the 70s

I heard a song on the radio the other day and it really brought back memories of hot summery days when Mum used to sunbathe in the garden on her sun lounger and my younger sister and I would play in the paddling pool in the back garden.  Our pool was a fairly simple rectangle one with triangular plastic seats on the corners. We used to have water fights with empty fairy liquid bottles, refilling from the pool and it would keep us amused for ages. I don’t think we, or any of our friends, owned proper water pistols. Actually perhaps we did. I recall some tiny water pistols with a small hole in the end and a little white trigger – I think you would manage to slightly dampen someone if they were standing within about three feet of you! They were nothing like the huge, turbo powered,  super soakers that you can buy nowadays that saturate someone from about fifty feet away,  but we had great fun nevertheless – plenty of giggles in the garden!

I think Mum may have had a small radio in the kitchen or dining room and the sound must have reverberated into the garden.  Songs I remember from those summery days are:

I’d like to teach the world to sing by the New Seekers (1971.)

I just love this song, it’s so happy and innocent and makes you feel good!

If you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world by Charlie Rich (1974)

Another lovely song,  what a fantastic rich voice (no pun intended!)

I was born with a smile on my face by Stephanie de Sykes with Rain (1974)

Another blast from the past. My sister reminded me yesterday that we actually went up on stage to join in the chorus of this when we went to watch a pantomime in Worthing. I can’t remember the name of the pantomime but it had Arthur and Jane Askey in it. I think they used to sing this song when the pantomimes finished as a kind of finale thing. That’s probably why I remember this song so fondly because of the camaraderie of us xxxxxc all singing the song together.

Michelle by The Beatles

This song was from 1965, so before I was born,  I wonder if I especially remember it because my best friend was called Michelle.

Seasons in the sun by Terry Jacks (1974)

I think everyone remembers this one…

Isn’t it funny how I – and probably you – can remember the words to these songs when I hear them, or is it just me who likes to sing along?!

(Links to YouTube)

There are so many other songs that make me reminisce but these are the particular ones that jolt my memory back to those carefree times spent in the summer sun.

What songs make you think of childhood summers?


  1. Oh yes, yes, yes to your list! I recall the very first song I was ever obsessed with was “Billy don’t be a Hero” 1974 by Paper Lace. Wow; I haven’t thought about that song for some time. Such an innocent time in my growing up. Thanks for stirring up memories! x

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