Be kind always

So today is officially Random Acts of Kindness Day and it has made me really think about how in society we should all be kinder to each other. What benefit do you get by being unkind to someone? Especially if deliberate. I think this just eats away at your soul and certainly doesn’t make for happiness. However If you do something kind for someone, it truly makes you feel so good inside. For example think about how good you feel when you know you have made a difference to someone’s life. Even if it is something small like showing someone the way if they are lost. It makes you feel, you know, kind of warm inside.

A random act of kindness needn’t be something big, but obviously you can make it a big a thing as you’d like to. Or are able to do. Perhaps you have an elderly neighbour who doesn’t see anybody day to day- they would be so grateful to see a friendly face or someone to get some shopping in for them. Open a door for someone, compliment someone, buy someone a small treat, pay for someone’s coffee, help someone carry their shopping, smile at people and say hello, if you notice someone drop something- pick it up for them, let someone get on the bus before you or go before you in a queue – especially if they are elderly or are laden with bags or trying to cope with young children, make someone in your family a cup of tea, do something for charity or put some money in a charity box, pick up litter and put it in the bin, if you notice someone is feeling a little bit down make the effort to try and do something to make them feel a bit better about themselves, say something kind to people you talk to…the list is endless but one thing is for certain – if you do even one of these things today you will be responsible for someone feeling a bit happier which is a great thing to do. It will also enrich your soul and I guarantee you it will make you feel happy and content and give you a smile.

058BDCD1-9603-47E4-A93B-889E68597683 Furthermore you know what happens when you smile – generally it makes other people smile too. It’s like laughing- it’s infectious. Think about Mr Happy in the Mr Men series of children’s books.

If everybody behaved in this way all the time how much happier would the world be? Just being a little bit nicer can make a huge difference.  What a truly wonderful environment would surround us. Also as contempt breeds contempt, I believe that kindness and happiness go hand in hand and each compliments the other. Small positive steps that we make might be contagious and maybe encourage others to notice and behave in a similar way. Let’s practice thoughtfulness, compassion and consideration for others. Let’s try and make the world we live in a better place for us all.


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